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It is with much sorrow that we inform you that yesterday Brother, Companion and Sir Knight Rodney Deyo set aside the Working Tools Of Life and was welcomed into the Celestial Lodge and Asylum above.

The arrangements for Brother, Companion, and Sir Knight Rodney Deyo can be found at We'll be putting together an honor guard for Sir Knight Rodney, please contact our Excellent Prelate, Brandon Mullins if you would like to participate.

Details on the masonic service are as follows:

Masonic Service
OCT 28. 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Vermeulen-Sajewski Funeral Home Westland
980 N. Newburgh Road
Westland, MI, US, 48185

Cryptic Degrees | Feb 2018

Congratulations to Companions, William Green, and Nate Hudson on receiving their Cryptic degrees in Masonry yesterday. We thank Flint Council No. 56, R&SM, and the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masons of Michigan for hosting this conferral, and are proud to have these men in the Ann Arbor York Rite.

The Steeds of Time

The Steeds of Time

The Steeds of Time course on. No flick of spurs.
Nor curb of bits, can change their rhythmic stride.
The silent hoofs of these staid voyageurs
Turn not aside upon their cosmic ride.

No mortal mind can think, nor tongue can say,
How long the Steeds of Time have trod the way;
Nor whence they came, nor where their quest may lie.
But hoof-prints in the sky point out their path
Along the Milky Way; past coal-sacks wrapt
In deepest mystery; through nebulae
So faint no human eye can classify
The dappled flecks as stars. And yet each speck
Is but a tally-mark of aeons lapsed
Since Chaos saw the Steeds of Time pass by.

Sir Knight, Mortimer E. Cooley
Dean Emeritus of Michigan School of Engineering
Ann Arbor, Michigan
January 1933