Commander's Comments | Feb 2011

Corey Curtiss - Ann Arbor No 13 Avatar.gif

I trust that Blue Lodge and Council Installation season went well (and your Holidays and family time too). I look forward to your attendance at our upcoming Ann Arbor Joint York Rite (AAJYR) meeting on Monday, February 21. We are going to start practicing our 10 man opening and closing and thinking about Inspection season which is just around the corner. We will also have a discussion about our calendar for the next 12-15 months and I welcome suggestions for activities that our membership might enjoy or that could bring service to the community and visibility to our Valiant Order. If you perchance, cannot attend and would like to contribute an idea please email me at or call me at 734-660-0241.

I encourage you in the interim between AAJYR meetings to regularly attend communications of the Blue Lodge(s) in your area and through the means of common social intercourse strike up a conversation about the York Rite of Masonry and particularly our Knights Templar. Make your brothers aware of the high regard you hold for the Order and your zeal for our institution. Perhaps they might be interested in joining with us in our noble works. Always have ready petitions to join the York Rite Bodies for those who are interested. Avoid badgering those that might not be receptive right now but let yourself be an example of the good work and superior fellowship we enjoy in the York Rite and more especially the Knights Templar. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of our Order. Please pray for our sick, dearly departed, those who are traveling, and men and women in uniform locally and overseas, both civil servants and those in the armed forces. If you’re on your way or already in a warmer place for the next few weeks I hope you enjoy the weather and your rest and recuperation; we look forward to welcoming you home in the Spring.

Corey Curtiss, EC