Commander's Comments | Sep 2011

Corey Curtiss - Ann Arbor No 13 Avatar.gif

Sir Knights and Friends:

Ann Arbor Commandery in conjunction with Ypsilanti Commandery were holding their Joint Inspection on Sat. August 27th at the Ypsilanti Masonic Temple. They have been working hard, as a group to prepare for this event.

Joseph Thompson for Ypsilanti Commandery was to be the Inspection Candidate for this event.

Ann Arbor Commandery still has two candidates in waiting for the Order of the Temple and there are also others in waiting to begin their journey into the Orders. Ann Arbor Commandery has work which needs to be accomplished this fall.

The Grand Commandery Grand Conclave was conducted in a smooth and efficient manner by the Right Eminent Grand Commander Loren A. Winn and his officer core. 

Roy A. Ickes of Mt. Clemens Commandery was elected to serve this coming year as our Right Eminent Grand Commander.

Our good friend and frequent visitor Donald Trumbull of Howell Commandery was elected to begin his travels in the Grand Commandery Line by being elected to serve as Junior Grand Warden.

Joseph Medved of Lexington Commandery received the Grand Encampment Knight Templar Cross of Honor.