From the Crypt | Jul 2011

George Lucero - Ann Arbor No. 86 Avatar.gif

Greetings Companions and Friends,

George has asked me to say hello for him this month, and at the same time to wish all his very best and to say goodbye, for now. His move for the military will take place on the 10th of July. He will be leaving us for Albuquerque, New Mexico where he will begin his 2nd 24 years of service to our Country.

Since June was his last meeting with us, this year, we made a presentation to him of his Past Thrice Illustrious Masters Apron. Sure it’s a little early, but he deserves it. It actually looks very good on him.

Adam Smith was greeted into the Council on June 4th in Auburn Hills at Pontiac’s all Council Degree Day. 

We have 2 candidates in waiting to be greeted and all indications are that the 3 Brothers coming into the Chapter are also desirous of joining the Council. The plans for the Council Degrees will be set shortly after the 1st of September. Watch the calendar for the dates and locations.

Grand Council will be conducted this year at the Lexington Hotel in Lansing. Thursday, August 18th. The Grand Banquet will be that evening. Hope you can enjoy the evening with us.

Southeastern Michigan York Rite Association is going to be at the Tecumseh Masonic Lodge on Wednesday, July 27th. It will be a Family Pot Luck Picnic beginning at 6 pm. The meeting will begin at about 7 pm. We will be voting whether we can and should make a donation to the 3 Grand York Rite Charities. Also, it will be the Annual Meeting for the Association.

A few of you still owe your dues for this year. Please send ASAP.

Hope that this finds each of you in the best of health and happiness. Enjoy your July 4th celebration with family and friends.

Paul Howell, PTIM