High Priest’s Address | Jan 2012

Brandon Mullins - Washtenaw No 6 Avatar 2.gif

Greetings Friends & Companions,

Welcome to 2012. For me it means a new job, working as a District Executive for the Boy Scouts in the Mahican district. For the Chapter it means a new Past Master, and a new candidate waiting. And for everyone it means the chance for a new beginning. New Year’s resolutions often get a lot of attention, and catch a lot of flak. You see online and in the papers, stories inquiring as to what people’s New Year’s resolutions are but with the qualifier that far more often than not they fail and the criticism that after all New Year’s Day is “just another day” and if you “really wanted it” you wouldn’t wait until the New Year to start. But as Masons I feel that we have a unique insight into the power of symbols, and can clearly see why they should not be so quickly discounted. The New Year is a line in the sand, recognized by the world as a new beginning, and people can’t help but be aware of that distinction. It may just be another day but that focus, that emphasis on the world starting anew can be immeasurably powerful when trying to make a change in your life. Symbols help us mark our lives, and allow us to justify what otherwise may be considered too difficult or best to be saved for later. I personally recommend everyone to use the opportunity that the New Year gives us and when they hear Brother Robert Burn’s famous poem, Auld Lang Syne know that they now have another to chance to make a change, and improve themselves in this New Year of 2012.

A genuine Past Master of Ann Arbor-Fraternity No. 262, F&AM, Robert Blackburn will be taking a moment to sit in the East once again as he receives his Past Master Degree with the optional allegorical section. As discounted as the degree often is we can never too often be reminded of the fact that at any time in life we may be called to lead and we have to be ever ready for such an opportunity and responsibility. The degree which was previously postponed is now set for January 16th with a small meal starting at 6:30pm, us opening at 7:00pm, and the degree starting no later than 7:30pm. In addition to Brother Blackburn’s degree we will also be discussing the dates for a new candidate, and a plan to set aside some time to organize some of our materials now that we should have everything back in our possession. I would also like to apologize to everyone who has ordered shirts so far. The embroiderer has been unavailable to make any new shirts, but should be back on schedule soon. In other Royal Arch news there is a Michigan Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons Education Seminar on Saturday, January 28th at the Best Western Hospitality Hotel in Grand Rapids at 8:30pm. This year’s seminar will focus on “Vision” and will involve interesting presentations, discussions, group participation, and hopefully you will leave with something useful. Once again I hope to see anyone who can make it out for our Past Master degree on the 16th, and hope you all have a wonderful start to your New Year. 

Dominus Vobiscum,

Brandon Mullins, HP