High Priest's Address | Mar 2011

Brandon Mullins - Washtenaw No 6 Avatar.gif

Greetings Friends & Companions,

I would first like congratulate the new Mark Master Masons of Washtenaw Chapter No. 6, Adam Smith, Jim Piper, and Kenneth Landstrom. They received the Mark Master Mason degree on Monday, February 14th during the first of our degrees to be set at the Belleville Masonic Temple. I would then like to thank the companions hailing from FIVE different chapters who came out in support on St. Valentine’s Day of all days in order to make this degree possible.

But our work is not done yet and in truth it’s just begun. Monday, March 14th we’ll be doing TWO degrees at the Belleville Masonic Temple, both the Past Master, and Most Excellent Master degrees. As you may suspect we could use your support, so I’d like to invite all companions down to the Belleville Masonic Temple, which is at 515 Main Street, Belleville, MI 48111 on Monday, March 14th at 7:00pm for the Past Master and Most Excellent Master Degrees. A small meal will be served after the degrees and if you’re lucky we might even put you to work during them.

So why do we have this Past Master degree? The most obvious answer is a traditional requirement that all Royal Arch Masons must first be Master of a Lodge, and to bring the Royal Arch Degree to a greater number of brothers the Past Master degree was created in order to satisfy that requirement. That is I suppose the textbook explanation, but why then didn’t we merely change the rules and eliminate the requirement, and why do we proceed to confer this degree upon Worshipful Brother Jim Piper who is a two time Past Master, and sat in the East only a few months ago? It’s because the lesson is important. From George Washington to King Solomon never has a mortal man been a perfect leader and the virtues required for good leadership can never be inculcated too often, or practiced too zealously. In addition the Past Master degree teaches us to be prepared to be thrust into leadership unexpectedly, a lesson that as High Priest of this Chapter is very near and dear to my heart. So if there becomes a question of who will lead the craftsmen the Past Master degree teaches the brother what it takes to step forward.

The Most Excellent Master degree is one that celebrates the joy of a labors well performed but reminds us that even as our work draws to a close there is never truly an end to our duty, because with every step we take towards completion that is another lesson we are tasked to take to our brothers who may not be so far along. A man becomes an Entered Apprentice, an Entered Apprentice becomes a Fellowcraft, and finally at long last a Fellowcraft becomes a Master.  So does becoming a Master mean your labors have ceased? No! It’s the duty of an Entered Apprentice to learn, a Fellowcraft to practice, and a Master to… teach. The Most Excellent Master degree teaches the valuable lesson that amongst the rewards you’ve earned through your labors in becoming a Master Mason is the right and duty to spread the lessons you’ve learned selflessly working for the benefit of your fellow Brothers.

Companions, I hope to see as many of you ask can make it for our Past Master, and Most Excellent Master degrees, and if you helped with the Mark Master Degree or expressed interest in helping with the coming two, you should expect a call from me very soon.

The Joint York Rite Meeting is still being held at the Calvary United Methodist Church. It is an excellent setting for our Stated Convocations. Looking forward to you joining us for excellent conversation and light refreshments prior to the meeting. Refreshments begin at about 6:15 and the meeting is called to order at 7 pm. Hoping for one and all the best of health and happiness. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Dominus Vobiscum,

Brandon Mullins, HP