Inspection Practices Scheduled

Commandery Avatar.png

Sir Knights,

After a series of discussions between the officers of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti Commanderies, and consulting with members of Grand Commandery we have decided to continue our tradition of a joint inspection of Ann Arbor Commandery No. 13, and Ypsilanti Commandery No. 54. We hope this will be to the benefit of all Sir Knights in Washtenaw County, and make for a stronger inspection team.

In preparation for this inspection we have decided to hold an inspection practice at 7:00pm every Thursday at the Ypsilanti Masonic Temple until the inspection with a dress rehearsal with a live knighting taking part the week of. The only exception to this schedule will be when we take a week off to attend the Grand York Rite Session.

Sir Knights are expected to bring their sword and a head covering of some kind to all practices, though dress will be otherwise casual.

Our first practice begins tonight so I hope to see all who have been assigned parts there every week, and know we will give a stupendous performance to all those in attendance. 

Deo duce, ferro comitante,

Brandon Mullins, Commander