Order of the Temple | Sep 2011

Commandery Avatar.png

My Flock of Sir Knights,

This is a particularly exciting month for Commandery as we have will have not one but two new Sir Knights receiving their Order of the Temple.

The first is with Adrian Commandery No. 4 for their annual inspection. They will be conferring the Order of the Temple on our Knight of Malta, Ken Landstrom on Saturday, September 24th. Chamber of Reflection begins at 1:30pm, Order of the Temple at 2:00pm, and dinner following the order.

The second is with Detroit Commandery No. 1 at the Detroit Masonic Temple. They have agreed to help us put on the Order of the Temple on our Knight of Malta, Jim Piper, and even agreed to host it at their beautiful Asylum. This is set to begin on Tuesday, September 27th. Full Form Opening at 5:30pm, Chamber of Reflection at 6:30pm, Order of the Temple begins at 7:00pm, and we’ll be organizing a carpool for this particular trip at our next stated Conclave on the 19th.  I hope to see as many of our Sir Knights as possible at both events! 

Deo duce,

Brandon Mullins, EP