Ypsilanti Commandery No. 54 & Ann Arbor Commandery No.13 Joint Inspection


Ypsilanti Commandery No. 54, and Ann Arbor Commandery No. 13, Knights Templar of Michigan would like to invite all Sir Knights to attend our Joint Inspection on Saturday morning, the 15th of September 2012 at the Ypsilanti Masonic Temple, 5752 Whittaker Road, Ypsilanti MI. Sir Knight Paul Raggow, Grand Generalisimo and Sir Knight Donald L. Trumbull, Grand Senior Warden of the Grand Commandery of Michigan will be the Inspecting Officers. The Commanderies will open at 9:00 a.m. Coffee and rolls will be available at 8:15. A buffet luncheon will follow closing at a cost of $10.00 a person payable at the door or by check to Ann Arbor Commandery No. 13. Suggested dress is Templar uniform or business suit, dark tie.