Commander's Comments | Jun 2011

Corey Curtiss - Ann Arbor No 13 Avatar.gif

Sir Knights and Friends:

How great it is to be able to write and tell you of the many upcoming activities of your Commandery. On May 26th it was our intent to be in Ypsilanti to assist them in putting on the Orders of Red Cross and Malta. This will be of great value and assistance to us as it is a pleasure to be able to have to put on those Orders for petitioners that we currently have for Ann Arbor.

Northville will be having a parade on July 4th. Stepping off at 10 am. Wouldn’t you enjoy marching with the Commandery portion of the parade? Summer uniform, if you have it. If not then black slacks, white shirt, chapeau and sword. Go early and enjoy a breakfast at the Temple which begins at 8 am. The Grand Conclave will be on Friday and Saturday, Aug. 19th & 20th. The pass in review will be on the afternoon of the 20th. Our Annual Inspection will be a joint Inspection with Ypsilanti Commandery, again this year, as it was last year. We will begin at 9 am, therefore, everyone participating should be there not later than 8:30. A luncheon will follow the formal Inspection. Ladies and guests are encouraged to be in attendance for the Luncheon. We will be holding joint rehearsals in preparing for this very Special event. Please watch for more details and then be in attendance, even if you do not have a major part we need people to march and otherwise be of assistance We need YOU! 

Congratulations to our Recorder, SK Arthur W. Davidge on his well-deserved honor of being named 2011 Michigan Mason of the Year.

God Bless each of you.

Paul Howell, KYCH, PC