From the Crypt | Jun 2011

George Lucero - Ann Arbor No. 86 Avatar.gif

Greetings Companions and Friends,


Council work throughout the State is keeping busy.

June 4th – All Degree Day in Pontiac.

June 18th – All Degree Day in Kingsford.

September 10th – All Degree Day in Howell.

We have several candidates in waiting, now, but hope and expect to be doing the work ourselves. It was great to have the Most Illustrious Grand Master, Steve Striggow, in Ann Arbor for our last meeting. He is very gracious and kept us all relaxed and at ease. We hope to be seeing each of you at our next Stated Assembly on June 20th while we begin to make plans for the immediate future.

George Lucero

Thrice Illustrious Master