From the Crypt | Mar 2012

Corey Curtiss - Ann Arbor No. 86 Avatar.gif

Dear Companions,

Oh how the Cryptic year moves quickly.We are busy in the Royal Arch chapter preparing future Candidates for the Royal and Select Degrees.As I discussed at our annual installation of Officers in December, the Council focuses on Preservation and we as a Council and York Rite collective are working to Preserve not only our great body but our entire organization.It begins with you! You companions, are our boots on the ground. Please spread the word about the great work in the Council and its meaningful degree structure.It is not a body to be missed and those that petition and follow though to discover where the secrets of our Craft are preserved will not regret their decision.

Your Master is busy helping the Royal Arch body with degree work so we can have candidates for our degrees. In addition, I will be traveling to the East Central conference the second weekend of March in Indiana for a leadership forum to help write new plans on our Trestle Board with the hope that we continue to engage and provide an added value organization for Companions to call home and preserve our unique mysteries.

In addition, at 6:30 p.m. on the third Monday of March (19 March 2012) we will have our School of Instruction from our new Arch Deputy, the representative from Grand Council.Please be there in properly clothed to practice the Opening and Closing in the Select Master degree and the reception of Grand Officers.We look forward to seeing you for that and the Washtenaw Chapter’s Past Master degree with Allegory!

Corey Curtiss, TIM